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About me

Hi! I’m Mikaela, founder of Kids in the Water. My journey from being a competitive swimmer and a swimming instructor, to being a mother teaching my three young children to swim, has given me a great love for water activities. I have so many fun activities, helpful recommendations and life saving tips that I can't wait to share with you. I hope you will follow along so that together we can keep our kids safe and happy in the water. 

I've created this resource to help busy parents teach their own kids how to swim.

 Four Areas of Focus

My concise, easy-to-follow lessons and quick tips are specifically designed to fit into your busy schedule, while building lifelong memories and bonding with your child. My lessons focus on these four areas:

Building your toddler's confidence in the water

Teaching skills and techniques


Pool and water safety



Making parent-child swim lessons fun

Take the Course

If you are thinking about teaching your kids how to swim yourself, take this course. It will walk you through a proven, easy, and enjoyable way to teach your kids how to swim.