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What is Kids in the Water?

May 08, 2023
Kids in the Water


Hi! And Welcome to Kids in the Water!!


As a California native and a now Arizona resident; water has been a huge part of my life. From going on family beach trips, and visiting the lake with friends, to spending most of the warm summer months inside the pool; my love for all things water runs deep.


Now as a mom of three young kids I’m constantly thinking about ways to keep my kids entertained and more importantly safe around water. From my 8 + years teaching swim lessons, to raising 3 small kids with a pool in the back yard, I’ve come to know and understand the best tips and tricks to make these water experiences safe and enjoyable. These lifesaving strategies have not only enhanced our family's water time but have also made it an incredible bonding experience for all of us.


Kids in the Water was created with the aim of providing a comprehensive resource for parents like you, looking for all the information you need to keep your children happy and safe in the water. In this space, we will dive into various topics such as water safety, sunscreen recommendations, exciting water games, strategies for helping your child become comfortable in the water, our favorite pool accessories, tips for enhancing swimming skills, and so much more!


My ultimate goal for Kids in the Water is to empower, inspire, and instill confidence in you as you embark on your own unique water adventures with your children. Together, we can create memorable experiences while prioritizing safety and fostering a love for water in our little ones.


With Love,


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